Felix Speller


256bit (2014)

762x762mm Grids

'256-bit', a project named after a computer processor, is a study into the differences between automation and curation. The two grids of images have been created using similar, but technically different techniques. The first grid consists of 256 hand picked images which have been linked to one another, be it through shape, tone, texture, subject or form. The second grid consists of 256 images which have been visually linked automatically using Google's 'Visually Similar' tool within Google Images. The links are purely visual, they lack any subject or concept based links, but merely string together through an algorithm. 

The work seeks to explore the important role that the human plays within the curation process, highlighting how the human mind can find links that a computer simply cannot see. 

Curated Chain

Automated Chain (Google 'Visually Similar') 

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