Felix Speller


Mysterium (2015)

1920 x 1080, MP4, 41 minutes 25 seconds.

Vimeo Link Upon Request

'Mysterium' is a visual representation of an unfinished performance that the Russian composer Alexander Scriabin wrote between 1903 and 1915. It is based on the 'Prefatory Act’, Scraibin’s prelude to his never realised piece 'The Mysterium'. All footage in the film was sourced from archives spanning from between 1903 and 1915. The film depicts elements of the Mysterium, as well as the apocalyptic consequences that Scriabin had wished the performance to cause.

The film was first screened on the 100th anniversary of Scriabin’s death at the Dome Cinema in Worthing, one of the oldest working cinemas in England which was constructed in 1911.
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